Our Shared Mission

Our Shared Mission

Together, We Can Mobilize and Train People of Faith to be Effective Citizens

Faith & Freedom Coalition mobilizes conservatives, people of faith and their allies to be effective citizens, impacting public policy in a positive direction consistent with the time-honored values on which our nation was founded.

The greatness of America lies in the character of its people, which Faith & Freedom Coalition seeks to promote through the values of faith, hard work, marriage, family, personal responsibility, and helping the least among us. Together, we can continue to influence public policy and enact legislation that promotes Christian values.

Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Principles:

  • Respect for the sanctity and dignity of life, family, and marriage as the foundations of a free society
  • Limited government, lower taxes and fiscal responsibility to unleash the creative energy of entrepreneurs
  • Education reform that puts children first
  • Help the poor, the needy, and those who have been left behind
  • Free markets and free minds to create opportunity for all
  • Victory in the struggle with terrorism and tyranny while supporting our democratic allies, including Israel

Why give? With your incredible support, we can educate, equip and mobilize people of faith and like-mind to be effective citizens and ensure the continued greatness of this country.